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Charles H
Sep 15 2017 13:02 PM Post #229
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The Delusion of Inclusion -First posted 21st February 2017. Catch Up No.3
The Delusion of Inclusion - will it be exposed in time to reverse the ultimate termination of care in the community?
And so we roll into 2017 with daily debates reminding us constantly of the chaos that surrounds social care funding, and the seemingly total failure of the NHS/local government organisations to identify a clear strategy to enable inmates in NHS and ATUs to escape from truly segregated establishments.
Every week that goes by ensures that carers and their families become more entangled in the web of duplicity that current policy makers have created to meet their own agendas - yet, amongst the carers there are sadly “none so blind as those who do not want to see”!
Those people most profoundly and severely affected still have most to lose as the “delusion of inclusion” continues to control policy direction. This is inevitable until the historic values preached and practiced by the original pioneers of rational care in the community policies are resurrected and valued for what they can offer - especially to those in ATUs and NHS beds.
So far, I have only drawn attention to the bizarre intervention of the King’s Fund Centre (KFC)I in 1984 that gave extreme normalisation/ inclusion dogmas unjustifiable and irresponsible credibility. This has grown so much out of proportion internationally there is need to look closer at its origins. The KFC document at the time was so irrational that it would have been treated with contempt and bypassed had it not received highly dubious and unwarranted support and publicity. Mencap and other local authorities have much to answer for in this respect. More tomorrow.

In closing today, I must mention a positive aspect of social history which will have a great deal of relevance with regard the information that is yet to follow. It is significant to note that whilst the proposals of the KFC were based on fantasies and conjectures, the successful development of day services in the 1980s was based on extensive research much of which was carried out at the Hester Adrian Research Centre, Manchester University in the 1970s under the supervision of Professor Peter Mittler.
Two highly important publications that followed were ‘A national survey of Adult Training Centres in England and Wales, (1977), and National Development Group Pamphlet 5 (1977) which gave extensive and detailed advice regarding the future modernisation of day centres.
This advice was warmly welcomed and acted upon by progressive day centre management with remarkable results. The negative outcome and the consequences that were to arise through the intervention of the King’s Fund Centre and its manipulation of the role of the National Development Group are open to question.
Charles H
Sep 13 2017 22:23 PM Post #228
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Catch up No.2
First posted 14th February 2017
Today I have partially updated the Bulletin Board on my website with information that raises questions about the issues that should be seriously worrying carers. They are questions that need to be answered if there is to be true justice for the most vulnerable section of our community. They will not be answered if carers who have been victims allow those who are responsible for their predicament to get away unchallenged.
It is now two weeks since I sought answers from Mencap. Early days, undoubtedly, for Mencap has a lot to account for. Ample evidence confirms that Mencap have not only been fully aware of the predictable outcome of the demise of rational care in the community, but they cooperated with the King’s Fund Centre over 30 years ago to set in motion the chaos that ongoing policies have become.
For years, I have argued on various debating platforms and in the media to let the public and carers know how effectively they have been duped, but without success. The principle reason is that the people who created the problem are those that have the power to distribute or suppress relevant information and they have used it unscrupulously. My website has been available for years and all charities have been aware of the means of access to it but to little avail.
The future bleak outlook will only change when carers recognise how blatantly they have been cheated and take full advantage of any opportunity to debate controversial issues in depth to reach balanced judgements. This is obviously not happening and will not happen until there is a sharing of verifiable information between carers groups.
In the meantime, I still await a response from David, the spokesman for the King’s Fund Centre group, for his justification for setting in motion the one-size-fits-all answer to care in the community support. Basically, it was to scrap all specialist and structured services like special needs units, day centres, and sheltered workshops and the like, because his group thought that even the most profoundly and severely and complexly disadvantaged people should be found paid and open employment!
Need I remind you that all the specialist resources from special needs units to Remploy have been decimated yet few extra jobs have been created in the 30 years since this extreme ‘inclusion’ policy took over from the successful policies that were in place before. Neither will they be created in future because this proposal was not built on research but on the wishful thinking of a group who had limited in-depth awareness of the complexities of the learning disabilities section of our society - and were out of touch with the real world that the rest of us live in.
I would ask all carers to just reflect on how much their lives have been affected by changes brought about by misinformation and emotive campaigning like the ‘segregation’ and ‘stigmatisation’ lies. But be warned, just as these past falsehoods are being recognised they are about to be replaced by yet another emotive buzz work, look out for it - ‘GHETTOS’. Please feel free to circulate my views if only to open up another aspect of the complex social problem that has yet to be resolved, and feel free to circulate my website details.
Charles H
Sep 12 2017 23:55 PM Post #227
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Appendment to Catch -up No.1
First published 10th February 2017
Injustices and how they all began.
The value and reputation of day centres has been taking a hammering over the past months. In the interests of looking at Day Centre issues from the carers point of view bear with me if I enlarge on my previous statement that the outlook for carers and their family members was better 50 years ago (when I first came into this work), than it is now.
For elderly parents the 1950s/60s era was a painful experience finding most of them spending 24 hours/7days of the week/52 weeks of the year looking after disadvantaged family members rather than despatch them to a totally segregated and impoverished lifestyles in remote and overcrowded residential institutions.
.The running down of these institutions in the 1960s saw a governmental change of attitude with recognition of how dependent it was upon parental support to enable these newly freed people to remain in the community.
Supported by Mencap {until the 1980s), carers groups pressed for and supported additional day centre capacity. For carers this meant 5 working days respite every week, some could take up jobs and others have a life of their own; they could be deeply involved in programme planning for their adult children, in the early days meals and transport being provided free. Day Centre Parents groups provided mutual support, and bonding with staff inspired confidence and continuity in joint training projects.
By 1980, not only did carers have continuous weekly support, but staff gave their time to run yearly holidays for the attendees and enabled carers to take an away yearly break themselves. Day Centres became vibrant community centres created by the input of positively motivated carers who also welcomed the introduction of sheltered workshops for the more able people.
Those experts leading evolutionary service policies at that time had the insight and experience to complete a policy that would meet the approval of carers of people with all levels of ability - but they were denied the opportunity
Turn the clock fast forward to 2017 and what sort of deal are carers getting instead? The pressure is so great for day centre places that families are having to struggle to get a day or two of respite whilst their offspring lack the continuity that specialist and structured services could provide.
Centres are being passed back to voluntary and privatised sources whilst personal budget holders are left to purchase services at random from possibly dubious and psychologically damaging resources. Individuals have had to resort to setting up private enterprises again along the lines of those functioning well in the 1980s. Mutually supportive day care and special care units have been phased out of a continuity of opportunities for the most profoundly disadvantaged, whilst sheltered workshops and Remploy have been terminated despite the strong resistance and protests of those who worked within in them.
Currently, there is no clear indication that an achievable national strategic policy has been identified, nor how relevant the experience and qualifications are of those responsible for the present policy debacle.
In the 1980s carers saw and supported undeniably positive changes being put in place by experienced and caring pioneers. Today, they see the outcome of policies built on unproven dogmas and unrealistic expectations tearing rational care in the community apart.
For years I have believed that carers have been victims of the cruellest confidence scam in social history. That this continues leads me to cynically question whether this is all a part of a much deeper calculated process? Is the final objective to ensure that at the end of the day, the whole problem of taking care of the immensely complex problem is being dumped right back into the hands of the carers?
This could not possibly have happened in the 1980s when the strength of the unity of Day Centre families could have prevented it, but tactics being being followed currently have not only diluted this strength, but has set different sets of carers against other sets of carers. In this divisive situation, anything is possible.

Charles H
Sep 12 2017 22:47 PM Post #226
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Roderick. I regret that you are having this problem and am not sure if you responded to the blog on my website or on the Wordpress site.
I do not think my website bulletin provides this notification option but will check with my website provider regarding how much control we have over Wordpress responses
Charles H
Sep 12 2017 22:05 PM Post #225
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Belated catch-up. No 1

My apologies: on the 7th August I posted a similar blog on the bulletin of my own website: and on Wordpress, referring to an email I had sent to the Department of Health for the attention of Sir Chris Wormald, Permanent Secretary of State. His, apparently, is the most powerful positon in the National Health Service.
Based on years of personal experience and ongoing research, this email referred to the appalling deterioration of provision of services for people with learning disabilities over the past 50 years. This was due to the power to control policy direction being taken out of the hands of experienced and caring people and given to others with little knowledge and experience. Whilst they may well have good intentions these intruders rarely have sufficient experience or insight to recognise the complexity of the widely ranging problems that need addressing. These are people I term ‘fringe people’, who most often also fail to recognize their own limitations
More of this later, the point I wish to make concerns the reactions to my postings. Although I was aware that the people most responsible for the decimation of UK services were intent on spreading misguided and irrational polices further afield, I had hoped that they had not been successful. As I have previously mentioned on my posting of the 13th August, on Wednesday August 9th I received responses from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and another from France on August 10th.
As the points that I am raising are largely ignored in the UK, except by a small band of dedicated and insightful supporters, it is interesting that internationally, with few exceptions, these messages were appreciative of being provided with basic awareness concerning the alarming direction of policies in the UK and how this came about.
I have so far failed to provide the further information I promised and will now try to set this right by posting a series of blogs posted earlier this year on my Charles Henley Facebook. These were intended to awaken UK carers to the sinister way that policies that were proving successful 30 years ago were undermined and decimated and have led to the decimation of support services and the risk of a return to further re-institutionalization.
Sep 10 2017 12:04 PM Post #223
Location : Belgium, Otrange

After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the xact saje comment. There hass to be a way you can rsmove me from that service? Appreciate it!
Sep 09 2017 23:20 PM Post #221
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Sep 05 2017 4:41 AM Post #220
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Charles H
Aug 26 2017 21:17 PM Post #219
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Thank you Julianne and Flor. On this site I have been blogging for years, on WordPress, only a few months. Within next few days will be adding more.
Aug 26 2017 12:53 PM Post #218
Location : Australia, Swansea

Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, let alone the content!
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